brain cancer cannabis oil- Cancer And Its Treatment From Natural Process

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Cancer has been causing a ruckus in the lives of thousands across the globe. It is that disease which leads to uncontrollable growth of body cells. Not only it affects the specific body part, but also has the potential to spread to other parts. There are many types of cancers in the vicinity. Cancer can occur in any part of the body. Let it be the brain cells or the stomach or the lungs. It also can affect the bones and lead to osteosarcoma. The most prominent ones are the lung cancer and skin cancer. Generally, people get to know about their disease at the last stage which is rarely curable. According to statistics, cancer is the cause of about 32% of the deaths in the world. Cancer has caused havoc in our lives. Some scientists have come forward with different theories and culinary extracts from herbs to cure this disease and have drastically failed. But there are some who succeeded like Rick Simpson oil. Let us discuss some of the natural ways to cure cancer from its roots:

* The Gerson therapy and treatment

This therapy entails the value of natural products to initiate the metabolism and heal the mad cells. The culinary extracts from organic products help catalyze the process of getting control of the cells. This diet is specifically thought upon the amount of vitamins and nutrients the organic products can provide. The juice is extracted and drunk by the patients. This diet also includes eating raw beef liver which is rich in vitaminB12. The process further entails the detoxification of body by coffee enemas. Coffee enemas increase the stimulus to the parasympathetic nervous system.

* Rick Simpson oil

When Rick Simpson was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer, he decided to diagnose the disease and get a cure for it. Little did he know that his search for a cure would become an inspiration for thousands! The Rick Simpson oil is known for curing the cancerous cells and getting the normal growth of the body. He used the cannabis plant and its extract to derive the cure. The oil he got from cannabis plant was put on his own marks. In a span of five days, the spots were gone and he heaved a sigh of relief.

* Vitamin D from sun rays

Sunshine days come again. And this time with a magic wand! Vitamin D is the most essential necessity of the body. Specifically speaking, fat soluble Vitamin D3 is the key to cure cancer. According to studies, vitamin D3 is the cure to breast cancer.

Generally, we need 40-60ng/ml of sunlight. But in cancer, the best bet is 70-80ng/ml. The sun rays from 10 am to 2pm are the optimum time to get soaked in the sun rays. You can even get a supplement to vitamin D3 if required.


The Growing Industry for Marijuana Products

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cannabis tea
by Ricky Beantown

With the growing demand for the products infused with cannabis, the industry catering to it has increased manifolds. The business had grown rapidly owing to the fact that some states legally allowed for its recreational use along with the use for medicinal purposes. The cannabis is used in the form of herb or an extract. The various varieties of indicas, sativas, and hybrid are used in the making of such products. These have different efficacy and potency.

The products containing cannabis, also called special products, are available in a huge variety. They are sold as edibles, cosmetics and personal care products. The consumers have a choice of selecting among infused tea, oils, flowers, creams and gels, tinctures, beverages, infused candles, shatter wax etc. There is a whole range of edible products such as chocolates, bakery items like cakes, pastries, cookies, salty snacks, jams, butter etc. People use them to make daily meals and gourmet dishes as well.

For those who are unaware about cannabis, it is a highly addictive ingredient. It contains high amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This substance has been increasingly used in the treatment of many medical conditions due to its special properties. It is given as an oral prescription or inhaled as a vaporizer for providing relief in conditions like cancer, acute and chronic pain, nausea, tumors etc. It is a general perception that these have low or minimal side effects as compared to the other methods of medication.

The edibles and gourmet products contain different concentrations of cannabis. These have different concentrations for the quality, efficacy and potency of the infused products. Cannabis has a different effect of each individual. Similarly, different individuals need different doses of the cannabis and its products which vary according to their specific requirements and conditions.

The demand for the infused products has opened doors for many a lucrative business opportunities and investments. It has opened new business options and sources of revenue generation for governments, businesses and consumers. And they are leaving no stone unturned to make a big profit out of it. The major share of this market is held by the gourmet products sector.

There are big businesses that are planning to invest huge amounts of money in this industry to meet the steeply rising demand and market base. They plan to focus on innovative products, R&D, and medicinal products. With such huge investments waiting to happen, this will be one of the most profitable and money generating industry.

The legalized sale and consumption of cannabis has also raised the questions of its ethical use. It has brought forward the concerns regarding its misuse. The open use and consumption policy do not provide for any restrictions and prohibitions. Another concern is that there is no law in place to ensure careful labeling of dosage and serving size of the products. If made mandatory, this would create more awareness about their use for purposes other than medicinal. It would also prevent accidental consumption and cases of overdose due to overindulgence.

Thus, with responsible consumption these special, infused products are a boon for the medical world and people with specific conditions.

Shatter is a refined version of BHO, which typically involves multiple steps to extract all the plant matter and solvents. The shatter wax can be either smoked just like regular marijuana or vaporized with the help of a vape pen.

About Coconut Oil: Use and Coconut Oil Benefits

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Organic coconut oil is truly a miraculous gift from nature, especially in its purest extra virgin form. I am not aware of a more versatile oil. Produced from fresh coconut meat (non-copra), without the use of chemicals or high heat, it retains high levels of antioxidants and health-giving properties. A delicate coconut scent and taste is characteristic of the virgin oil.

Do not compare organic coconut oil to the commercial grade oils made from copra. These oils are typically refined, bleached and deodorized. But there are some reputable companies that produce expeller pressed refined coconut oil the “old” way with mechanical extraction. That means they do not use solvent extracts. The oils they produce are not hydrogenated and do not contain trans fatty acids. Since they are deodorized (with physical refining) the taste tends to be bland.

It is best to buy from a reputable company since there are not many industry standards in the processing of the oils.

The many benefits of using coconut oil include:

* Excellent for cooking & baking
* Reduces inflammation
* Supports heart health
* Balances cholesterol
* Improves thyroid function
* Supports weight loss
* Increases energy and stamina
* Improves digestion
* Supports immune function
* Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral
* Kills candida, parasites and other microorganisms
* Aid in preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease
* Skin conditions (dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections, burns)
* Skin care
* Hair care

Coconut oil was widely used prior to the 1950’s. Due to its high saturated fat content it fell out of favor because it was believed to increase the risk of heart disease. The opposite is now known to be true. Containing medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), this oil has numerous health benefits especially for the heart and thyroid. Regulating the thyroid and balancing cholesterol levels are just a couple of its amazing benefits. Increased energy and stamina have been widely reported as well as weight loss due to increased metabolism. Unlike trans fats which cause inflammation in the body, coconut oil soothes and reduces inflammation.

Contrary to what we have been led to believe, studies have demonstrated it is actually inflammation and not cholesterol that leads to heart disease. I recommend coconut oil to clients who have arthritis or heart disease because inflammation is a contributing factor to these conditions. Always consult your doctor before starting any natural supplement protocol.

Coconut oil has also been used successfully for periodontal disease which is another contributing factor to heart disease. Aside from being an anti inflammatory, this oil is also antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral. Having these properties explains why it is beneficial against bacteria that cause gum disease.

Due to caprylic acid, a medium chain fatty acid derived from the oil, it has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of candida (yeast overgrowth) and other fungal related health conditions. You rarely see women with candida infections in cultures that eat a coconut based diet.

The uses and benefits in skin care are numerous. Apply the oil as a face cream, body lotion, makeup remover, scalp treatment and to treat a variety of skin infections and skin disorders. Burns and irritated skin are quickly soothed. Try it out for natural chemical free sunscreen protection.

While it is not a panacea for everyone, it is certainly an easy and delicious way to combat many illnesses and diseases. I often wonder how many illnesses it prevents.

Cooking and baking with extra virgin or expeller pressed coconut oil brings a wonderful delicate flavor to foods. It is an outstanding replacement for vegetable oils, margarine and butter in all your favorite recipes. Unlike some other oils, it is stable at all temperatures, keeps for years and does not become toxic when used for frying. You can continue to fry and sauté your favorite foods knowing you are getting a dose of good health. The oil changes from from solid to liquid depending on temperature.

Either extra virgin or expeller pressed oil can replace butter in most cooking and baking recipes. The extra virgin oil has more of a coconut flavor and the expeller pressed is quite bland.

It is advisable to incorporate this oil slowly into the diet. Due to its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral benefits, uncomfortable detox symptoms can occur as microorganisms are dying off.

I recommend starting with one teaspoon and slowly working up to a maximum of 2 or 3 tablespoons a day. If you ingest more than that your liver might not be able to comfortably keep up with the detox. Listen to your body. Everything in moderation.

Personally, I use about one or two tablespoons a day of the extra virgin oil. I scramble eggs in the oil, add it to rice, quinoa, cooked cereal, cooked yams and potatoes. It’s a great alternative to butter on whole grain breads and wonderful for stirfry. Try adding it to your smoothies for a light coconut flavor.

Whichever type oil you are purchasing read the label to assure it has not been processed using high heat or chemical solvents. Look for “mechanically pressed” when purchasing expeller pressed and “centifuge extracted” or “traditional” methods for extra virgin.

When I first began using coconut oil it was very hard to find. Now it is sold everywhere. You can find it in supermarkets, health food stores and online.

Gallbladder Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy – Retrieving healthiness

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Cancer is referred to the hysterical growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancerous cells are also known as Malignant Cells. There are numerous of symptoms attached to cancer such as fatigue, fever, chills, loss of appetite, night sweats, weight loss etc. Cancer can be grown up in almost any organ in the body such as colon, breast, blood, bones, gallbladder etc. They are numerous of factors that constitute to be the reasons of growth of cancerous cells in the body such as virus, radiation, tobacco, family history, toxins etc. Cancer can be treated through conventional therapies, alternative therapies or by using both treatments simultaneously. Conventional therapies are the kind of medical treatments that are used by the doctors to treat the people with Cancer. It includes Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Hormonal and Biological Therapies. Gallbladder cancer treatment in Homeopathy helps to lighten the symptoms of cancer or the side effects caused by conventional method of treatment.

Homeopathy is also referred as an alternative method of treatment. It is based on the nature’s law of healing and cure. This mode of treatment was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the year 1796. Now after conducting large number of research based activities, homeopathy has turned out to be an effective method of treating the diseases. It is considered to be a revolutionary and natural medical science. The treatments through homeopathic procedures are known for their gentleness to the body. Homeopathic treatment in cancer helps in enhancing the body’s resistance against the aliments thereby preventing them to reappear. These remedies are invented from natural substances. It is very important to keep a note of measurements and standards while formulating homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic tends to be one of the most important medium of treatment that helps in stimulating the body’s inner healing power. Homeopathic approach is being widely followed by cancer patients to get rid of the dreadful disease. Gallbladder cancer treatment in homeopathy is known to increase the body’s potential to fight the cancer thereby improving the emotional and physical well being. It also helps in alleviating the pain that is caused due to the disease or by following any conventional method of treatment.

Homeopathy treatment is widely identified as an alternative to allopathic treatments. These treatments are safe for expectant mothers, sensitive patients and young children as well. These kind of alternative treatment play tough on the disease but gentle on the body. Homeopathic treatments being based on the time tested scientific principles. A homeopathic treatment boosts the immunity of the body and is very reliable methods of Gallbladder Cancer treatment.

Numerous of clinics offering pancreatic cancer treatment in homeopathy ensure to confirm to all the regulatory norms so as to maintain high level of quality care during the entire phase of the treatment. Conventional approach tries at holding back or eliminating the symptoms whereas in homeopathic form of treatment allows the entire body to restore the healthiness thereby understanding the root cause of the issue. Homeopathy treatment enables the body to strengthen its immune system.


Nice Where Can I Find Thc photos

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Some cool where can i find thc images:

Image from page 277 of “Trails and tramps in Alaska and Newfoundland” (1913)
where can i find thc
Identifier: trailstrampsinal01thom
Title: Trails and tramps in Alaska and Newfoundland
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Thomas, William S., 1858- [from old catalog]
Subjects: Hunting Birds
Publisher: New York, London, G. P. Putnam’s sons
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
gs onto the wires, trying to get hold ofthe intruder, picking and striking throughthe narrow openings so excitedly that he doesnot notice the net being pulled over him.What loyalty to his mate we see in this Httlebird! Thus many cardinals are caught. Ifthe other bird does not encroach on their beatthey will not answer to the call, but by shiftingthe cage even fifty feet or less, it may enterthe domain of another and then he will showfight even to the death. The piping of the cardinal is shrill at times,again soft, mellow, and soothing to the ear.He is a perfect vocalist and is known asone of the best whistlers among the featherytribes; indeed, by some he is called the Ameri-can nightingale. At times when he ends uphis song with Pretty, pretty, pretty, Irepeat the words, agreeing absolutely with him. He shows some strange antics occasionally.Once we found a nest built in a crab treeabout three feet from the ground. When 252 In the Springtime we first found it there were four light blue

Text Appearing After Image:
Cardinals Nest and Eggs eggs blotched with liver-colored spots, laidin a loosely-built nest of rootlets, grass,and grapevine bark. About a week later In the Springtime 253 when we visited it the nest was empty.Looking toward the ground by chance,I saw a Httle bird in the down apparentlywithout hfe. Lifting it up in my hand,by close observation I noticed that it stillbreathed. We put the bird into the nest,went away, and returned in about thirtyminutes, when to our surprise we found thenestling was gone again! Query, did themother bird carry away its offspring tosome place of safety where it would not bedisturbed? On another occasion we found a nest in thetop of a grapevine. We drew down the vine,photographed the nest, and restored the nestto its original position. Calling the followingweek I found the mother bird had incubatedthe brood as though nothing had happened,but the young were taken from the nest assoon as thc}^ could be moved and some daysbefore they would ordinarily have bee

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Image from page 220 of “Folks next door; the log book of a rambler” (1904)
where can i find thc
Identifier: folksnextdoorlog00crof
Title: Folks next door; the log book of a rambler
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Croffut, W. A. (William Augustus), 1835-1915 Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays (Brown University). Poetry, 1876-1900. RPB
Subjects: Mexico — Description and travel Canada — Description and travel Cuba — Description and travel Panama — Description and travel New England — Description and travel
Publisher: Washington, D. C., The Eastside publishing company
Contributing Library: Brown University Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brown University

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Text Appearing Before Image:
their old prostrate god, Huit-zilopochtli, lying on his back where the conquerors hadflung him, and lovingly wreath him with garlands of flow-ers. 1 have always suspected that Cortez and his ])riestslied about that old fellow. In every church you And flowers in ])rofusion l)eforoevery image of the Virgin. Large button-hole bouquets ofviolets are sold at San Anita for a tlaco —two cents—and a gentleman who l)ought a huge l)ou(juet there fortwenty-five cents, took it to pieces and found it to consistof thirty red roses, fifty white ones, twenty-seven violets,thirty heliotropes, and more than twenty wliite and thirtypink rose-buds. To l)e sure, all the roses of .Vraby wouldscarce suffice to wash out the stain of the multitudinous isi; FOLKS NKXT DUO If. smells wliicli a l.u-k of drainagi lor a million years or sohas roiucntratrd hvvv; l)ut if oiU can hold his hreath forthree or four hours. 1 know of nothinu more exliilarating(U- intiresting than a forenoon upon the Zoeiiimileoeanal.

Text Appearing After Image:
^oiNG TO Market MANXKKS AXIJ CISTOMS. IS: MANNERS AX^ (TSTOMS. COURTSIlir AND : AKUIACiK. WIVKS AT IWKLVK AXl) FOUR-TEEN.—OLD MAIDS AT SIXTEEN.—]IAKUIAGE OFTEN AN UNATTAINABLE LUXURY. BALCONY COURTSII IPS.—THE MEXICAN DUDF.—llIS COSTUME AND HABITS.— HOW THC GIRL IS HARGAIXED OFF. * HOW PRFITV SHE IS I TllK CRACK UNDER THE DOOR. Ix Mexico marriages do not take place at quite so earlyan age as they do in Calcutta, where little girls marry atsix or eight, and generally have their first habies at ten.but even here the ])eons marry at twelve or thirteen, andvery few remain unniarried at fifteen. Aii unmarried girlof sixteen is regarded as an old maid. In the ante-Diaz years the word marry was usuallya])])lied to the peons in a IMekwickian sense. ]Iore thanhalf of them raised families without ever marrying. Theywere so religious that they scorned a civil marriage and sopoor that they could not afford to pay a fee to thepriest. So, Jose and Lupie often said all same!and liv

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.